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[O] Include single values from a org-table into a code-block

From: Florian Adamsky
Subject: [O] Include single values from a org-table into a code-block
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2012 20:08:42 +0100


at the moment I'm drafting a paper and I would like to insert values
from a org-table into a code-block. After searching a bit a found a mail
thread from 2010 [1] which says I have to do the following:

src_emacs-lisp[:var d=test-table[3,1]]{d}

This works fine but only in non code-blocks. But I want to insert these
values in a LaTeX block, since I want to generate a pgfplot. Is there
another way to get values from a org-table? Or is it possible to combine
the above code with a Macro? In the following you'll find an example:

%% pgfplot code
\addplot coordinates {(0, src_emacs-lisp[:var d=test-table[3,1]]{d})};

Thanks in advance.



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