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Re: [O] Emacs 22 compatibility

From: Jambunathan K
Subject: Re: [O] Emacs 22 compatibility
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2012 09:57:21 +0530
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Nick Dokos <address@hidden> writes:

> Why are they still using emacs-22?

University students and employees.

Sometimes back I was investigating hosting for personal files.  The site
runs a version of FreeBSD version and had Emacs 22 on their servers.
When I requested that they upgrade their Emacs to 23 or 24 they refused
citing some reason why they /had/ to downgrade.

It has something to do with their site architecture not supporting
/dev/tty in their ssh environment.  Apparently some changes in Emacs 23
- may be Emacs server (or is it the emacsclient?) - that relies on use
of /dev/tty.  In short, external constraints.

Also XEmacs seem to be lagging behind severely.  See this recent thread:

I am wondering what makes people continue using their XEmacses.

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