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[O] Bug: org-edit-special won't let me edit a latex snippet [7.9.2 (rele

From: Nicolas Richard
Subject: [O] Bug: org-edit-special won't let me edit a latex snippet [7.9.2 (release_7.9.2-808-gd8b328 @ /home/youngfrog/sources/org-mode/lisp/)]
Date: Fri, 21 Dec 2012 17:32:03 +0100
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Hello all,

I'm at commit 830e231ef1da5c5a1ab760a6a059551841952610, and notice the
following unexpected behaviour.

Starting from "emacs -Q -L ~/sources/org-mode/lisp/" :
M-x org-mode
insert "<l" and hit SPC
hit "C-c '"

=> "user-error: No special environment to edit here"

This behaviour was introduced by commit
81d5ebc | * org-src.el (org-edit-src-code): Check if we are in a source
code block with `org-in-src-block-p'.

I think it is because org-in-src-block-p says we are not in a source
code block, and it says so because it seems to look for an overlay, but
there are no overlay (though there is an "org-block" face property).

Btw I thought I had seen discussions about it somewhere, but can't find that
anymore. I'm sorry if this was already discussed !


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