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[O] Org/LaTex setup for Business Letter Revisited

From: Ian Barton
Subject: [O] Org/LaTex setup for Business Letter Revisited
Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2012 09:42:08 +0000
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I have been following the various threads about using the scrlttr2 class. However, none of them quite worked for me.

I have come up with the following hack using Babel. There are three files attached which illustrates the general principles.

* koma variables which don't change are defined in an LCO file.
* koma variables (toaddress, etc) which change between letters are defined using org PROPERTIES.
* a letter template in defined in a latex src block.
* The letter body is written in an org_mode src block.
* The final letter is produced by tangling the body, the lco file and the letter template.

In normal use you would simply modify the PROPERTIES and body text to suit each letter. The whole thing can probably be made into a yasnippet.

Suggestions for improvement welcome, as the existing stuff is just a quick hack.

Happy Christmas everyone and best wishes for the New Year.


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