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Re: [O] Rudel - Real-Time collaborative editing of Org-Mode files

From: François Pinard
Subject: Re: [O] Rudel - Real-Time collaborative editing of Org-Mode files
Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2012 08:22:53 -0500
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Bastien <address@hidden> writes:

> I don't have experience with Rudel but I'm also interested in hearing
> from others -- maybe at some point we can organize some co-writing
> session where we try to update Worg pages.

I tried Rudel, a good while ago, and did not find it satisfying enough
to be usable, besides an emulation of the old "talk" functionality.

After your message, I quickly revisited its Web site.  While it got more
interesting on the side of supporting various standards and methods, and
without trying it this time, I got the feeling its UI did not really
improve, or at least, is still way too far from Org.

Or maybe it's just that I lack enthusiasm and vision?

>   http://prose.io/about.html
>   https://github.com/prose

Saving these pointers, might be worth further checking?

> [...] let *anyone* write Org doc collaboratively and seemlessly.
> Com'on, let's start something great :)

It would be great indeed!  Where I work, Org has no chance of spreading
to the remainder of the development team, exactly because it is not
real-time collaborative.  So we use other (flashy but weaker) means


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