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Re: [O] Distinguish between blank and zero in org-mode spreadsheet

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: [O] Distinguish between blank and zero in org-mode spreadsheet
Date: Sat, 29 Dec 2012 14:39:07 +0100
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Hi Michael,

this is just great!  Thanks a lot for this major enhancement,
and for your details explanations and tests.

Michael Brand <address@hidden> writes:

> Patch 6 of the attached patches makes it possible to write
> spreadsheet Calc formulas that check for empty fields: To sum the
> first two columns unless one or both empty:
> $3 = if("$1" = "nan" || "$2" = "nan", string(""), $1 + $2); E
> The other patches:
> - patch 1: testing/README: add howto run ERT partially


> - patch 2: Add ERT for table alignment within Org buffer
>   The new function org-test-table-target-expect is to simplify writing
>   spreadsheet ERT by providing just a target table to apply the formula
>   to, the expected result table and the table formula with optionally
>   additional variants. The variants typically are to check the same
>   result with a Lisp formula and a Calc formula. test-org-table.el is
>   also a howto example collection as a user documentation.
> - patch 3: Extend org-table-number-regexp
> - patch 4: Add ERTs for basic spreadsheet functionality
>   My plan is to add spreadsheet examples only to Org ERT
>   (test-org-table.el) from now on and someday to move those I already
>   made on Worg.
> - patch 5: org-table.el: Fix range len bugs and inconsistencies
>   The range len bugs may lead to wrong calculations for range references
>   with empty fields when the range len is relevant.  Affects typically
>   Calc vmean on simple range and without format specifier EN.  Also
>   Lisp with e. g. `length' on simple range or with L.
> Note: Org ERT passes after every single patch to document the behavior
> of each patch.
> After the review is complete please make sure that “make check” passes
> before applying the patches and also before git push. I hope I got it
> right with the require to resolve the dependencies.

make         => fine
make single  => fine
make test    => all 339 tests passed 

I pushed the 6 commits to master.  



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