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Re: [O] Agenda priority setting bad feature

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: [O] Agenda priority setting bad feature
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2012 11:35:07 +0100
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Hi Michael,

Michael Brand <address@hidden> writes:

> With the related commit release_7.9.1-93-ge8b45bb the agenda view
> priority of all entries in the agenda view becomes -1000. Before, most
> of all the scheduled and deadline were different for different target
> dates.

This is now fixed in maint.

> Only as an idea for an improvement at the same time: Instead of, or
> additional to showing the agenda view priority of just the current
> entry in the minibuffer it could be helpful to toggle preceding each
> agenda view line with the agenda view priority for understanding
> purposes. Similar to C-c } (org-table-toggle-coordinate-overlays) on a
> table.

I see, yes.  Or support priority numbers in `org-agenda-prefix-format'
and `org-agenda-fontify-priorities'... not on top on my TODO list I'd
say :)


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