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[O] How to get a paper scanner into org-mode workflow

From: Torsten Wagner
Subject: [O] How to get a paper scanner into org-mode workflow
Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2012 16:36:45 +0100


I plan to buy a document scanner with ADF and duplex function to scan all incoming/intermediate/outgoing papers, convert them into PDF and link those into my org-files.
I was wondering if someone did something like this already? I use Linux and hence I am looking for a Linux friendly solution.
On the web I found scanbuttond which enables to run a script if a scanner button is pressed and it seems scanning under Linux is rather scriptable.
I want to make this finally as smooth, easy and painless as possible to make sure I do not pile up papers because I am to lazy to scan them on a day by day basis.

Ideally, I want to fill the ADF unit, press a button, receive a single PDF with all pages scanned duplex in a preset folder, and keep a path to that file in org-modes killring to place it as a link at the right place. OCR would be nice too to get a full searchable system. 

I guess I am not the first one who tries this and I would be glad if people share there experience and set-ups.

Thanks and happy new Year


CC. Any recommendation on a well working scanner under Linux. At the moment my favorite is the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500. Seems to work out of the box and comes with a good performance.

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