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[O] Still Wishing for Snooze

From: Andrew M. Nuxoll
Subject: [O] Still Wishing for Snooze
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2013 10:20:04 -0800
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A while ago I posted for help in adding an ability to "snooze" a to-do item:


At the time, the only solution available was to create a manual copy of the item. This approach creates as many problems as it solves for me. I've gotten so frustrated with this that I'm really to knuckle under and fix it myself.

I'd like to modify the org-mode code to support the following:

1. Add a date tag to an entry that indicates that it is "inactive" until a certain date. I'm picturing something like this:

***** TODO [#B] Verify login to the virtual machines
      SCHEDULED: <2013-01-11 Tue +1w> DELAY: <2013-01-24 Thu>

2. Add a command similar to org-deadline that I can use to attach a delay date to a to-do item

3.  When I display my agenda, items that are delayed are not displayed.

My e-lisp is pretty rusty so *any* advice or help is great. Could someone help point me to the right files and functions I'll need to modify to accomplish this?


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