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Re: [O] [Out-of-Thread] Re: [RFC] Org syntax (draft)

From: zeltak
Subject: Re: [O] [Out-of-Thread] Re: [RFC] Org syntax (draft)
Date: Sun, 17 Mar 2013 19:02:29 -0400

Hi all

i just finished a great conversation on #org-mode with some great people. they told me about this thread and the planned changes that may or may not occur to the syntax and id like to just raise the newbee perspective.

I find the ability to add custom emphasise with custom faces invaluable. i find it very easy to add and very useful for me since i use ALOT of color highlights in my academic work.

i really hope that there is some way to leave the current mphasise with custom faces options as is

thx alot guys


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