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[O] [Exporter] How to save 'info' plist for later use?

From: Thorsten Jolitz
Subject: [O] [Exporter] How to save 'info' plist for later use?
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2013 12:56:43 +0200
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Hi List, 

how do I get my hands on the 'info' plist (i.e. the communication-channel)
when I try to export data that is (only an isolated) part of a parse-tree? 

Say that originally a whole buffer was parsed, thus the full tree and
options info was available at that point. But then parts of the
resulting parse-tree are extracted with org-element-map and are exported
separately as data later on.

In that case, I don't know how to pass the original 'info' plist to the
export function, so export results are not complete due to the missing
context information.

Here is a minimal example:

With file minimal.org

#+begin_src org
* A

I call

#+begin_src emacs-lisp
(setq parse-tree

(let ((elem (org-element-map parse-tree 'headline 'identity nil t)))
  (insert (format "\n\n%s\n\n" elem))
  ;; nil instead of info as 3rd parameter
  (insert (org-export-data-with-backend  elem 'html nil))) 

and get (note the incomplete IDs in the html)

(headline (:raw-value A :begin 1 :end 7 :pre-blank 0 :hiddenp
nil :contents-begin 5 :contents-end 7 :level 1 :priority
nil :tags nil :todo-keyword nil :todo-type nil :post-blank
0 :footnote-section-p nil :archivedp nil :commentedp nil :quotedp
nil :CATEGORY nil :title (A) :parent (org-data nil
#0)) (section (:begin 5 :end 7 :contents-begin 5 :contents-end
7 :post-blank 0 :parent #0) (paragraph (:begin 5 :end
7 :contents-begin 5 :contents-end 7 :post-blank
0 :post-affiliated 5 :parent #1) B )))

<nil id="outline-container-sec-" class="outline-2">
<h2 id="sec-">A</h2>
<div class="outline-text-2" id="text-">

How could I get my hands on the 'info' plist during the buffer parsing
and save it for later use in calls like

#+begin_src emacs-lisp
(org-export-data-with-backend  elem 'html info)



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