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Re: [O] RSS back-end: blogging with Org-mode is now easy

From: flammable project
Subject: Re: [O] RSS back-end: blogging with Org-mode is now easy
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2013 21:53:54 +0200

Ok so mow I tried "GNU Emacs 24.2.1 (i686-pc-linux-gnu, GTK+ Version 3.6.4) of 2013-04-09 on komainu, modified by Debian" but with the same issue.

here is my .emacs config:

;; ORG Mode
(setq load-path (cons "~/.emacs.d/org-mode/lisp" load-path))
(setq load-path (cons "~/.emacs.d/org-mode/contrib/lisp" load-path))
(require 'org-install)
(require 'ox-rss)
;; Auto load OrgMode with "*.org" files
(add-to-list 'auto-mode-alist '("\\.org\\'" . org-mode))
;; Don't use postamble to exported HTML
(setq org-export-html-postamble nil)

;; re-export everything regardless of whether or not it's been modified
(setq org-publish-use-timestamps-flag nil)
;; ORG publish function
(setq org-publish-project-alist
               :base-directory "/home/xxxxx/Dropbox/website/src/"
               :base-extension "org"
               :publishing-directory ""/home/xxxxx/Dropbox/website/public_html/"
      :recursive t
      :html-postamble nil
      :publishing-function org-html-publish-to-html)

               :base-directory ""/home/xxxxx/Dropbox/website/src/"
      :recursive t
               :base-extension "jpg\\|gif\\|png\\|ico"
               :publishing-directory ""/home/xxxxx/Dropbox/website/public_html/"
               :publishing-function org-publish-attachment)

               :base-directory ""/home/xxxxx/Dropbox/website/src/"
      :recursive t
               :base-extension "js\\|css\\|otf\\|eot\\|svg\\|ttf\\|woff"
               :publishing-directory ""/home/xxxxx/Dropbox/website/public_html/"
               :publishing-function org-publish-attachment)

               :base-directory ""/home/xxxxx/Dropbox/website/src/sessions/"
               :base-extension "css\\|js\\|png"
               :publishing-directory ""/home/xxxxx/Dropbox/website/public_html/sessions/"
               :publishing-function org-publish-attachment)

:base-directory ""/home/xxxxx/Dropbox/website/src/posts/"
:base-extension "org"
:rss-image-url "http://xxxx.xxxx.free.fr/fp_icon.png"
:html-link-home "http://xxxx.xxxx.free.fr"
:rss-extension "xml"
:publishing-directory "/home/xxxx/Dropbox/website/public_html/posts/"
:publishing-function (org-rss-publish-to-rss)
:section-numbers nil
:exclude ".*"         
:include ("index.org")
:table-of-contents nil)

              ("website" :components ("orgfiles" "images" "style" "sessions" "rss_posts"))

Any ideas? 

2013/7/10 flammable project <address@hidden>
OK so let's move on Emacs 24...

Thanks for the rapid answer!


2013/7/10 Bastien <address@hidden>
flammable project <address@hidden> writes:

> I'm trying to use ox-rss to generate a rss feed but I'm facing an
> error : 
> let*: Symbol's function definition is void: url-encode-url

Mh, yes, `url-encode-url' is not available in Emacs <24.1.

I just mentioned this in the comment section, thanks for reporting
this problem.

2012-05-09  Chong Yidong  <address@hidden>

        * url-util.el (url-encode-url): New function for URL quoting.


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