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[O] Best way to let M-/ (dabbrev-expand) work for with code variables in

From: Ahmed Fasih
Subject: [O] Best way to let M-/ (dabbrev-expand) work for with code variables in prose via the =code= notation
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2013 11:12:51 -0400

I am enjoying literate programming with org-mode. I'd like to solicit advice on good ways to go about making one of my favorite emacs keycombinations, M-/ (dabbrev-expand), work with literate programming in org-mode. 

The setup: I have a code block in which a variable name is used. Later, outside the code block, I'd like to refer to that variable name, and since it's code, I'd like it to be inside =equal sign= markup. The starting = prevents M-/ from matching the first few characters of the variable name. Example:

#+BEGIN_SRC python
my_cool_variable = 42

I'd like to now type "=my" and have M-/ be smart enough to consider "my_cool_variable" and complete it to "=my_cool_variable=".

I can try hacking up something simple-minded to do this but would like some guidance to find a way that will break the least number of things for the least number of people. Many thanks,

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