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Re: [O] Help with new exporter

From: Nick Dokos
Subject: Re: [O] Help with new exporter
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2013 09:41:41 -0400
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Robert Klein <address@hidden> writes:

> (sorry, this should've gone to the list the first time)
> Hi John,
> sorry, I can't help you with the filters.
> On the other hand, I don't see any reason why you gt whose square brackets.
> I tried different versions of org-mode, and never got *empty* square
> brackets.

That was my experience as well...

> E.g. I tried with org-mode 8.0.5 release installed in ~/org-8.0.5  (I
> did a "make" and "make autoloads" in this directory) and used the
> exam.org file as attached and the attached exam.el for configuration.
> I started emacs with from the directory exam.org and exam.el are, using
> the following command:
> emacs -Q -l exam.el exam.org
> Exporting to LaTeX file results in the attached exam.tex.
> I tried emacs version 23.1 and 24.2.
> (For sure, my latex installation doesn't like the \NoKey and
> \NumberOfVersions ...)

... and here too.

> You could try, if you get can get the same results I do and then work
> through your emacs configuration.
> I've got no other idea at the moment.

I may be too pessimistic but it seems to me that the exam class just
does not map to the latex export model cleanly (to be honest, the fact
that it worked in some fashion with the old exporter boggles my mind - I
would not have expected it to, which goes to show that I may be too
pessimistic :-) ).

Rasmus's derived backend idea might work perhaps - I for one wouldn't
know how to implement it at this point. But trying to edit artifacts out
after the backend is more or less finished seems to me to be a fruitless


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