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[O] habit-only agenda that doesn't remove tasks when done?

From: Christopher Allan Webber
Subject: [O] habit-only agenda that doesn't remove tasks when done?
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2013 16:08:46 -0000
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I'd like to have a habit-only agenda view, if possible, that looks a bit

Morning habits

life:  TODO Shave               [   * *  *    *         !]  habit::morning:
rsi:   TODO morning stretches   [  **   **    **       *!]  habit::morning:

Night habits

life:  TODO Exercise            [   * *  *    *         !]  habit::night:

... and maybe an other category for cathing the rest.

I'd also like to have these habits not drop off the agenda view when I
move them to DONE if possible.  However, I'm getting the sense that this
isn't possible... it seems like the habit system works with
agendas-only, and there's no way to say "give me an agenda with only
these certain things on it".

Or, alternate option: is it possible to highlight a task with a certain
tag with a certain color?  Like, highlight tags with "morning" as blue,
or something?  I've looked at the way org-habit does it, it looks like
I'd have to do something like the following:

 - add a hook to org-agenda-finalize-hook
 - walk through the agenda and highlight the "morning" tasks manually

I could do that.

The reason for this is I have morning-specific tasks, and I always
narrow just to the morning tasks and then ignore the rest of the habits
for the day.  I'd like to get a view where I see both so I don't forget
to do the rest of the habits for the day.  Yes, I know that sounds
strange :)

There probably aren't easy answers to this, but if there are and I've
been missing them, I'd love to know! :)

 - Chris

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