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[O] [dev] New version of org-index.el --- A personal index for org and b

From: Marc Ihm
Subject: [O] [dev] New version of org-index.el --- A personal index for org and beyond
Date: Thu, 01 Aug 2013 22:17:42 +0200
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please find attached version 2.3 of org-index.el.
See also http://orgmode.org/worg/code/elisp/org-index.el
and the contrib-directory of org.

The most notable feature of this version is an assistant
which provides easy setup.

A short description in its own words:

;;; org-index.el --- A personal index for org and beyond
;;  Mark and find your favorite org-locations and other things easily:
;;  Create and update a lookup table of references and links. Frequently
;;  used entries bubble to the top. Entering some keywords narrows down the
;;  displayed results to matching entries only, so that the right one can
;;  be spotted easily.
;;  References are essentially small numbers (e.g. "R237" or "-455-"),
;;  which are created by this package; they are well suited to be used
;;  outside org. Links are normal org-mode links.;;

Find the complete documentation at:


Please enjoy and/or comment !

Best regards,
Marc-Oliver Ihm

P.s.: With release 2.3 this package has changed its name from prior org-favtable
to org-index, which is a better fit, hopefully.

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