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Re: [O] org-export-current-backend variable and org-mode 8

From: Christophe Rhodes
Subject: Re: [O] org-export-current-backend variable and org-mode 8
Date: Fri, 02 Aug 2013 11:01:28 +0100
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Christophe Rhodes <address@hidden> writes:

> The `by-backend' macro in Brett Viren's message upthread?  Personally I
> don't consider that sufficient, because it feels very fragile: a simple
> renaming of org-mode internal variables, or turning on lexical binding,
> and the macro will no longer work.  (If you mean some other
> `by-backend', I haven't seen it).
> In particular, I would like to have some kind of confidence that
> documents that I wrote last year will still be exportable next year with
> only minor modifications necessary, and to do that I think I need to
> convince you that this is valuable, enough that you are willing to
> commit to some stable way of accessing the information previously held
> in org-export-current-backend.

Attempting to put my money where my mouth is: find attached a patch to
restore org-export-current-backend.  I think this is a TINYCHANGE
despite the large diff -- it's almost all whitespace, and the docstring
is restored verbatim from org-mode 7.9 (I haven't updated it for the
removal of the docbook backend, for example, primarily so that it has
minimal novel information in it).

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Best wishes,


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