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[O] three bugs/misfeatures in org-reveal (or is org-reveal the wrong way

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: [O] three bugs/misfeatures in org-reveal (or is org-reveal the wrong way to reveal around point?)
Date: Mon, 5 Aug 2013 15:50:58 -0700

I hope a kind soul can comment here.

For years I have been trying to make it so that you can go
to Org from Magit and have it reveal the way I want.

[All I want is what for me is a normal visibility state, which means a
visibility state that can be recreated using only arrow keys and TAB.]

Is org-reveal the wrong tool for this job?  Is there another tool that
works better for it?

The apparent bugs are in the comments below.



P.S.  I am also hoping for the same effect upon going from the Org
agenda to the Org outline.


(defadvice magit-visit-item (after org-visibility activate compile)
  "Make going to Org from Magit reveal canonically."
  (when (eq major-mode 'org-mode)

(defun alpha-org-reveal-canonically ()
  "Reveal around point canonically.

Canonical visibility means that the buffer is always in a
visibility state that can be created solely by arrow keys + TAB.

Thus, merely showing the next header without all of its siblings
is not canonical.  Also, showing children without showing the
parent's entry text is not canonical."

  ;; bug 1: when point is in entry text, the first child of that
  ;; entry shows, but its siblings (i.e. the other children) do
  ;; not show, even though i have org-show-siblings and
  ;; org-show-hierarchy-above both set to t.
  ;; the entry text must show because point is in it.  and
  ;; because it must show, so must all children.  how do i get it
  ;; to do this?
  ;; bug 2: when point is on the first child headline, its
  ;; siblings show, but the entry text of its parent does not
  ;; show.  how do i get it to show the parent's entry text?
  ;; bug 3: org-reveal takes several seconds to run.  is there a
  ;; way to speed it up?

  (org-reveal t)
  ;; (if ...)
  ;; (show-entry)

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