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Re: [O] Very slow performance in Org-mode on 10k line file?

From: Rainer Stengele
Subject: Re: [O] Very slow performance in Org-mode on 10k line file?
Date: Wed, 07 Aug 2013 23:39:56 +0200
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Am 07.08.2013 22:25, schrieb John Hendy:
> Greetings,
> I just started experiencing major lag in Org-mode on my main work
> notes file, which is at about 10k lines. Is that getting up to the
> point where files get unwieldy? In googling around, I found a few
> suggestions:
> - Fiddle with linum settings
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5229705/emacs-org-mode-turn-off-line-numbers
> I set linum-eager to off and linum-delay to on for the current setting
> via the customize interface and didn't perceive an effect. Any
> keystroke in my org file takes 1-2 seconds to appear.
> - Fontification?
> http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.emacs.orgmode/45197
> Comments there have files in the 5-137k line range and many say
> there's no/little lag unless running agenda commands.
> Any other suggestions? I use this file almost daily, mostly for
> reference, not adding... that's to say it hasn't grown majorly in the
> past even 3months (maybe a few hundred lines), but performance
> *definitely* wasn't anything like this until the last week or so.
> Thanks for any suggestions on improving or tracking down the source.
> In the mean time, I'm going to revert to a few git commits ago and see
> if that does anything for me.
> Best regards,
> John

just jumping on the bandwagon.
My one and only "biggest" issue with wonderful Orgmode is slow Emacs.
I run Emacs on i7 hardware with lots of memory and still have an Emacs Orgmode 
that answers rather slowly.
Slow meaning it is just not snappy at all. Creating any aganda takes several 
seconds which is a long time to wait
for the result. I already spent a lot of thought into how to optimise the 
performance of my system, archiving and
splitting Org files, using sticky agenda etc.
I know there is no quick solution to the slowness because of the limitation of 
threading in Emacs - I just wanted
to mention that very "unmodern" behaviour of Emacs running Orgmode. I have to 
use Windows 7 so this makes it even
slower. I assume my environment would run faster on Linux.

So yes, this is nothing more than something like a rant.
For me Orgmode is still the killer app in Emacs, it is just sad to have a slow 
environment on quite modern
hardware with some bigger Org files.
My files are of size:

$ wc *org
    124    1690   31670 file1.org
   1555   11829   97805 file2.org
  35022  262820 2314234 file3.org
    999    4968  105854 file4.org
    557    4029   30586 file5.org
   2523   20324  162165 file6.org
   2447   19974  139768 file7.org
    689    4703   36495 file8.org
   6789   58782  461211 file9.org
  53078  403126 3531142 total


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