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Re: [O] [PATCH] Emacs Org Babel Scheme (Geiser) support

From: Bruno Félix Rezende Ribeiro
Subject: Re: [O] [PATCH] Emacs Org Babel Scheme (Geiser) support
Date: Wed, 7 Aug 2013 23:33:13 -0300

Em Tue, 6 Aug 2013 23:32:20 +0000 (UTC)
Michael Gauland <address@hidden> escreveu:

> Thanks for such a well-written, well-documented, and most of all
> useful contribution!  Definitely a big improvement over my initial
> implementation.

Thank you --- you're welcome.  I'm also very grateful for your
contribution to Babel.

> I've applied the patch to my system, but I'm having trouble getting
> it to work--I'm not getting any results. For example, this block:
> #+BEGIN_SRC scheme
> (display "This is the output")
> "This is the value"
> Returns nil, whether I'm asking for output or value.

Your example is yielding the intended results on my system.

> I'm running emacs 23.4.1 on Debian wheezy, with Geiser 3.0.

I'm running GNU Emacs 24.1 on my own GNU, with Geiser 0.4.  That is
the latest version of Geiser (May 2013)[fn:1], perhaps your problem
resides there[fn:2].

> Could you send me a copy of your ob-scheme.el to help me track this
> down?

Sure.  It is attached.

 ,= ,-_-. =.  Bruno Félix Rezende Ribeiro (oitofelix) [0x28D618AF]
((_/)o o(\_)) There is no system but GNU;
 `-'(. .)`-'  Linux-libre is just one of its kernels;
     \_/      All software should be free as in freedom;

* Footnotes

[fn:1] http://geiser.nongnu.org/

[fn:2] I wonder whether you have misspelled your Geiser version.

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