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Re: [O] how to handle svg files when exporting orgmode to html and pdf?

From: Aaron Ecay
Subject: Re: [O] how to handle svg files when exporting orgmode to html and pdf?
Date: Thu, 08 Aug 2013 15:36:21 -0400
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Hi Malcom,

2013ko abuztuak 8an, Malcolm Cook-ek idatzi zuen:
> Aaron & Nick,
> Thanks for the help.  I think I'm almost there.
> So far I did
>  * install a latex package (first time for everything).  I wound up
> just putting svg.sty file it for now in the same directory as the .org
> file since my attempts to date failed using $HOME/texfm
>  * customize the emacs variable `org-latex-pdf-process` to include
> '--shell-escape' (following advice in
> http://orgmode.org/worg/org-dependencies.html, which outlines some
> other options)
>  * upgrade to inkscape version 0.48.+ (which is more recent than our
> centOS repos proffered, but, hey) since the --export-latex switch that
> svg.sty depends upon is not implemented till this version
> When I "export to latex as PDF file", I get error "PDF file ./test.pdf
> wasn't produced"
> Sleuthing, I see the output .tex file includes the following lines:
> \usepackage{svg}
> ...
> \includegraphics[width=.9\linewidth]{mtcars.png}
> @@backend:\includesvg{mtcars}

This looks like (malformed?) org markup that has “escaped” into the
exported .tex file.  Are you still using some of the custom macros from
other threads?  Can you send a minimal example of the file that you are
trying to export, and the resulting exported .tex file?  The .log file
produced by LaTeX when compiling the .tex file may be helpful as well.


Aaron Ecay

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