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[O] [ANN.] org-trello v0.1.0

From: eniotna
Subject: [O] [ANN.] org-trello v0.1.0
Date: Fri, 9 Aug 2013 18:12:24 +0200



I've release the 0.1.0 version of org-trello - 2 way sync between org and trello.

Main page: http://ardumont.github.io/org-trello/

- http://adumont.fr/blog/org-trello-sync-your-org-file-to-trello/
- http://adumont.fr/blog/org-trello-new-features/

C-c o i - M-x org-trello/install-key-and-token       - Install the keys and the access-token.
C-c o I - M-x org-trello/install-board-and-lists-ids - Select the board and attach the todo, doing and done list.
C-c o b - M-x org-trello/create-board                - Create interactively a board and attach the org-mode file to this trello board.
C-c o c - M-x org-trello/create-simple-entity        - Create/Update an entity (card/checklist/item) depending on its level and status. Do not deal with level superior to 4.
C-c o C - M-x org-trello/create-complex-entity       - Create/Update a complete entity card/checklist/item and its subtree (depending on its level).
C-c o s - M-x org-trello/sync-to-trello              - Synchronize the org-mode file to the trello board (org-mode -> trello).
C-c o S - M-x org-trello/sync-from-trello            - Synchronize the org-mode file from the trello board (trello -> org-mode).
C-c o k - M-x org-trello/kill-entity                 - Kill the entity (and its arborescence tree).
C-c o d - M-x org-trello/check-setup                 - Simple routine to check that the setup is ok. If everything is ok, will simply display 'Setup ok!'
C-c o h - M-x org-trello/help-describing-bindings    - This help message.

Any help on reviewing, pull requesting, issuing, testing, is welcome :D

For information, I'm working on a literate approach soon to be released on branch 0.1.1 to help in discovering the code!


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