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[O] org package file proposition

From: Étienne Deparis
Subject: [O] org package file proposition
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2013 18:39:36 +0200 (CEST)
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I'm currently working on my spare time on a little CMS build around
org mode. The aim of this little project is to provide an easy way to
maintain a customizable personal Website, where content are provided
by org file.

As I was looking for a way to easily publish sort of blog post written
in orgmode, with pictures in it, I came to the idea of standard way to
package both org file and all other things it depends on.

So, I would like to present you my idea for an orgx file format. I've
written some specification here:
http://etienne.depar.is/resource/orgx.html and a first implementation
with this bash script:
http://projects.depar.is/0xGA/doc/tip/usr/bin/orgx (warning, it
depends on an emacs init file a put here:

To create an orgx file, you just have to call this script without any
argument ("./orgx" for example). After this, to edit an orgx file, you
just have to pass it as a parameter ("./orgx myfile.orgx" for
example). And to export this orgx file to odt, pdf or tex, you have to
use the following command for example: ./orgx myfile.orgx export -o
odt -l path/to/batch.el

As explain in the puposed specs, orgx file are just zip file, so if
you have created one and want to inspect its content, just unzip it.

I've search a bit before writing these specs, so I hope I don't have
miss similar work. I'm really open to all comments to improve this
proposition. Thus, don't hesitate to try it and let me know your
impressions. Thank you very much in advance for your support.

Étienne Deparis

twitter: @milouse
xmpp: address@hidden
06 76 28 00 58

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