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Re: [O] Viewing notes in agenda log mode

From: Manish
Subject: Re: [O] Viewing notes in agenda log mode
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2013 18:32:20 -0400

  > On 8/7/13, Manish wrote:
  > > I like to take notes with "z" in agenda mode logging progress of
  > > tasks as I move through the day.  Is it possible today to enable
  > > viewing these notes (first line only) when log mode is turned on
  > > the agenda mode the way todo state changes or clock lines are
  > > shown?
  > On Wed, Aug 7, 2013 at 1:13 PM, Samuel Wales wrote:
  > Hi Manish,
  > Not sure if you mean showing them as if they were the headline?

Probably I should I have attempted to make a visual example with the
original post.  Following agenda has two extra lines (#4 and #14) that
kind of shows what I have in mind.  This would allw me to take notes
as I go in various tasks and when log mode is enabled, I will not see
just when the task states changes happened and when the specific tasks
were clocked but also when specific notes were taken.  In case the
note is long, we could display first line or a certain number of
characters.  I think this adds to the end of day
review/recollection/reconstruction after the fact.  Does it make

Wednesday   x December 20xx
  xxx         0:55...... State:     (DONE) TODO GIS sync up meeting with Rob and Jeff      :GIS:@office::
  xxx        21:34...... State:     (WAITING) WAITING Confirm transfers executed - Merlin  :aws:@office:WORK::WAITING:
  xxx        21:34...... State:     (TODO) WAITING Confirm transfers executed - Merlin     :aws:@office:WORK::WAITING:
>>xxx        21:34...... Note:      (NOTE) THIS IS A NOTE THAT WAS NEVER TAKEN :-)         :aws:@office:WORK::WAITING:
  xxxx:      21:35...... State:     (TODO) TODO xxxx                                       :certs:WORK::
  xxxx:      21:37...... State:     (DONE) TODO sale and share   :delhi:PERSONAL::
  xxxx:      21:39...... Closed:     CANCELLED Confirm if it actually transferred   :delhi:PERSONAL::CANCELLED:
  xxxx:      21:39...... State:     (CANCELLED) CANCELLED Confirm if it happened   :delhi:PERSONAL::CANCELLED:
  xxxx:      21:40...... State:     (TODO) TODO Sale and share                   :delhi:PERSONAL::
  xxxxxx:    21:41...... Closed:     DONE London, UK   :lucknow:PERSONAL:SOMEDAY::
  xxxxxx:    21:41...... State:     (DONE) DONE London, UK   :lucknow:PERSONAL:SOMEDAY::
  xxxxxx:    21:41...... Closed:     DONE Day out at Vizag   :lucknow:PERSONAL:SOMEDAY::
  xxxxxx:    21:41...... State:     (DONE) DONE Day out at Vizag   :lucknow:PERSONAL:SOMEDAY::
>>xxxxxxxx:  21:44...... Note:      (NOTE) WHY IS IT SO HARD TO FIND GOOD PEOPLE!          :DG:@office::WAITING:
  xxxxxxxx:  21:44...... State:     (WAITING) WAITING New Hires for DG at acceptable cost. :DG:@office::WAITING:
  xxx:       21:45...... Closed:     DONE Make list for DEL and LKO                        :home:
  xxx:       21:45...... State:     (DONE) DONE Make list for DEL and LKO                  :home:
  xxx:       21:46...... Closed:     CANCELLED Collect the security amount                 :home::call:CANCELLED:

  > [ or ] will show the headline (not the note itself) temporarily.
  > E will show a few of the first lines, but does not seem to work
  > for notes.
  > I do this to make it permanent:
  > (setq org-agenda-include-inactive-timestamps t)
  > However, it is a defvar not a defcustom, it might exclude the
  > timestamp in the closed entry, and there is no built-in way to
  > turn it (and only it) off that I know of.  Turning this into an
  > agenda log mode item would be an interesting solution.
  > IMO there are several other interesting possibilities that can be
  > considered at the same time, such as a new face for these lines,
  > making E show the matching lines for text search, making log mode
  > item types be treated as tags, etc.
  > Not sure if any of that helped at all.  I guess you want E to work
  > for these lines?
E helps when one is in execution/working mode however I am focusing
more on post execution/review mode.


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