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[O] Generate and fill PDF-forms by org-mode?!

From: Torsten Wagner
Subject: [O] Generate and fill PDF-forms by org-mode?!
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2013 11:27:25 +0200


recently (well not so recently unfortunately) I have to deal with a lot of forms.
forms forms forms... always almost the same, always almost boring.

I was wondering, can I teach org-mode to do this for me?

Ideally, I will use a org-table or org-properties, and execute e.g. a babel src-code block which in turn will take all this properties and fill it into a certain form and generate a PDF, send it to printer to let it me sign and hand it over.

Hence I could keep all the important infos of a task in org-mode and automatically generate necessary forms as requires.

E.g. lets take a order-form
I could keep company address, items, price, amount, as well as internal project numbers,  etc. in a single org-node or possibly take it from different org-tables, org-nodes, org-files, etc. and compose a form with all this data. If the delivery address change, I only have to change it once and the next forms will automatically contain the new address.

Did someone try something like this already.

Ideally, a ODT-export would be nice too, but I guess even harder to achieve.

Another problem I might have to deal with, is how flexible is the administration. They might require to use only there templates (doc and PDF forms). However, the PDF forms are owner secured and hence I do not have a way to extract the FDF infos to interact in some way with them. Does someone know how to fill a PDF form programmatically and if this could be done within org-mode?

Any idea how to deal with that would be nice.

All the best


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