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[O] Some orgtbl doc issues

From: Rustom Mody
Subject: [O] Some orgtbl doc issues
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2013 20:00:56 +0530

Ive recently been poking around in orgtbl mode and encountered some
issues.  Not sure how much is my own lack of understanding and how
much there are some little doc issues.

1 Option names dont match

  - Its orgtbl-radio-table-templates in emacs
  - Its orgtbl-radio-tables in doc Appendix A.6.2

2 Receiving string

  - Seems to be "RECEIVE ORGTBL"
  - String seems to be hardwired. Which may be ok if its by design.
  - Not clear what is the relation of this string and
  - I find 1 space is fixed between RECEIVE and ORGTBL. Multiple
allowed between ORGTBL and table-name
  - Its not clear from the doc whether its "RECEIVE ORGTBL" or
  - Subtle interaction between # in org and host mode comment char -- #
    in python, shell etc -- could do with some elaboration

3 hook system

  - What are the hooks for orgtbl?
  - How do the org hooks relate to the orgtbl hooks?
  - Note: orgtbl is for those who are not otherwise using orgmode

4 Long header line

  I could not figure out how to split a long
  :#+ORGTBL: SEND...  line


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