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[O] #+TAGS has some groups with many entries, suppress hotkey assignment

From: Jeff Kowalczyk
Subject: [O] #+TAGS has some groups with many entries, suppress hotkey assignment
Date: Sat, 17 Aug 2013 02:04:03 +0000 (UTC)
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I am using a tagging strategy that required some mutually exclusive tag 
to have large numbers of entries. In the example below facilty and customer 
be 30-50 entries to start, and grow slowly from there.

#+TAGS: { category: admin(a) development(d)
#+TAGS: { facility: fac1 fac2 fac3 fac4}
#+TAGS: { customer: cust1 cust2 cust3 }
#+TAGS: { billing: billable(b) nonbillable(o) }

This works well in testing, but the hotkey selection UI automatically assigns 
character to all entries. After running out of alphanumerics, it moves on to
punctuation and then to unicode characters.

Is there a way to selectively suppress automatic hotkey assignment? If
supressing all automatic hotkey assignment is the only/better option, I would 
content to have no hotkeys unless explicitly set with the tag(x) syntax.

Thanks for any suggestions,


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