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[O] WISH: SQL on org-mode tables

From: Johan W . Klüwer
Subject: [O] WISH: SQL on org-mode tables
Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2013 16:06:43 +0200

I wish it were possible to execute SQL on tables in org-mode buffers. Filtering rows and columns, joining values across named tables, and so forth could be done with SQL in the org-table SEND clauses.

There's a script called csvsql that allows for executing SQL on comma- or tab-separated files from the command-line (using the H2 database engine): https://github.com/jdurbin/durbinlib/wiki/csvsql. I'm thinking csvsql or similar could provide the query capability, and org-mode would take care of sending it org tables in tab separated format.

That's my wish.



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