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[O] org-capture changes the buffer ring in a confusing way

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: [O] org-capture changes the buffer ring in a confusing way
Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2013 20:44:07 -0700

When I use capture, the buffer ring ordering changes from what it was
before the capture.  It even changes when I cancel the capture.  Is
there a way to keep it exactly as it was in all cases?

What I expected was that previous-buffer would be the same before and
after and that next-buffer would be the same before and after.  [In
other words, that capture + capture finalizing would not change
anything.  The philosophy of capture, to my understanding, is that
capture is intended to allow you to take a note with minimum

What I tried was org-capture.

What I noticed was that the buffer ring ordering had changed.

I have previous-buffer and next-buffer set to function keys, and I
find them extremely useful.  But when the buffer ring ordering
changes, I get confused.  So capture confuses me.

Also, it seems to always split the window.  Is there a way to fix that
that is better than my current method of deleting other windows in the
hook?  I always require a single window.



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