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Re: [O] Radio targets in comment lines

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: Re: [O] Radio targets in comment lines
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2013 20:40:04 +0200

Steen Hoyer <address@hidden> writes:

> Thank you Nicolas! I will think about a patch for the FAQ. I don't quite 
> understand one of your comments:
>> There is no point in making radio targets invisible. 
> I think that invisible radio targets are precisely what I want -
> that's why I made so many of them in comments under the old system. Am
> I missing something? I've tried putting the radio targets in
> a :LOGBOOK:, which works fine in Emacs, but not after export. Perhaps
> I should use some other type of non-exported drawer?
> For what it is worth, I am trying to able to paste text from academic papers 
> (with multiple possible citation styles) and have links to notes elsewhere in 
> the file appear automatically.
> * Author Year
> <<<Author et al., Year>>>
> <<<Author et al. (Year)>>>
> I am not using the radio targets in a sentence and therefore I don't
> want them to be visible. I could use <<Author et al., Year>> to make
> an invisible target (or use a custom ID), but then to link I would
> need [[Author et al., Year]], instead of simply Author et al., Year.
> Does this make sense, is there some workaround I'm missing, or should
> I give up on this clumsy system?

I'm not sure to understand. With this method, you're just creating
broken links since the source (the radio target) will be removed upon
exporting. All these links will have no destination.

If you just want the links when writing the document and have them
turned into plain text when exporting the document, you can simply
delete the radio targets using a function within


Nicolas Goaziou

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