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Re: [O] [Babel] org-babel-execute-buffer gives different results than or

From: Nicolas Girard
Subject: Re: [O] [Babel] org-babel-execute-buffer gives different results than org-babel-exp-non-block-elements
Date: Thu, 22 Aug 2013 22:28:27 +0200

Sorry again for the buggy minimal example.
Please try again with the attached version. Instructions as before:

1. Evaluate the elisp code contained in the section "Code to
evaluate", either by executing =(org-babel-load-file
buffer-file-name)=, or by evaluating manually each function using =C-x
2. Run the small tests contained in the section "Transclusion tests"
using =(org-babel-execute-buffer)=. This will behave as expected
3. Restore the buffer to its original contents using =C-_=
4. Now, run =(org-babel-exp-non-block-elements (point-min)
(point-max))= and compare with the behaviour in step (2.)

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