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[O] Carriage return in macro

From: Timothy Aldrich
Subject: [O] Carriage return in macro
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2013 16:04:29 -0400

Hello all.

I have a simple macro defined to simplify the inclusion of a style for
odt-export. It looks like this:

#+MACRO: HEADING #+ODT:<text:p style-name="MyHeading">$1</text:p>

and then to add this style to any text within the document, I simply call it
like this:
{{{HEADING( A really great headline )}}}

This is all fine... Until I want to apply the same process to a multi-line
section.  I end up with several macro calls , one per line.

{{{BODY(line one of body)}}} {{{BODY(line two of body)}}} {{{BODY(line three
of body)}}} {{{BODY(line four of body)}}}

Is there any way to have carriage returns within the text of the macro ?

I have already tried using the #+BEGIN_ODT...#+END_ODT construct, but that
*really* messes with the format of the text within it.


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