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[O] Tangle with conditional statement

From: Andreas
Subject: [O] Tangle with conditional statement
Date: Sat, 24 Aug 2013 13:51:04 +0200

Hello mailing list,

First time poster to this mailing list.
I was hoping i could get some pointers to a question I have not yet found a solution or example of.

I use orgmode and tangled elisp src blocks to initiate emacs. I also use el-get to install packages, however sometimes these packages fail for various reasons and I would like to skip them so that the hall emacs initailisation doesn't brake. However for important packages i have them hardcoded in my init files so that the settings I have doesn't complain.
But as I use org-mode to tangle this I can just flip the :tangle to "no" to to not tangle a specific section.

my question: Is it possible to have a conditional statement for a tangled block so that only if a package is installed or a directory exist does the block tangle? Meaning that I wouldn't need to hard code all the el-get fetches in my init file.
Is this a good idea? or should I work in conditions in the emacs src blocks instead?
I realize now when I'm typing it out that it might come with some other issues like first time running it I would have to reinitialize emacs after package installs to get my settings but after that I guess it would be fine.

Hope to get some pointers,

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