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Re: [O] [patch][ox-latex] context-aware subscript

From: Rasmus
Subject: Re: [O] [patch][ox-latex] context-aware subscript
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2013 15:46:40 +0200
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Hi Nicolas, 

Nicolas Goaziou <address@hidden> writes:

>> I know it's intended but I dislike it.  In earlier version of
>> ox-latex.el it didn't use the \text-macro.
> Earlier versions were broken in many ways. They didn't handle spaces,
> unicode characters and nested sub/superscript like \text does.


>>> Also, merging consecutive subscript and superscript is fragile 
>>> [...]
>> OK.  Perhaps it can be made less fragile.
> That's not an easy task. I think it would involve adding implicit
> pseudo-objects (i.e. object types specific to `latex' back-end).
> Unfortunately, there's no API for that in either org-element or ox.
> For now, I think we can put it aside.

I'll just go ahead and trust you on that one.

>> But it is broken, since even 
>> (*)    $\beta$$_{\text{t}}$
>> doesn't produce the correct output (spacing is wrong; compare to
>> $\beta_{\text{t}}$).
> Correct. Then, fixing it is more important than caring about some user
> filter.

OK, can I help?  Or do you already have something in mind?

>>   2. Try to make the type of subscript configurable.  Previously,
>>      "math subscripts" were forced, now \text subscripts are forced.
> I think filters are good enough for the job. No need for another
> configuration variable.

I can settle for that.  One day we'll (as in I'll) have to grog up a
Worg page for sharing "useful" filters.

> Also, entering math mode is easy enough in Org, whereas exiting math
> mode isn't (if it is forced). I often use constructs like \(I_n\) since
> I want the "I" char to be in the same font as "n".

That's what I use as well, but I'd like to save the $'s around
constructs like \(\beta_t\).  I'll try to fix it via a filter.


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