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Re: [O] from Android to org's calendar in a painless way?

From: James Harkins
Subject: Re: [O] from Android to org's calendar in a painless way?
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2013 03:20:33 +0000 (UTC)
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Renato <rennabh <at> gmail.com> writes:
> I know MobileOrg for Android, but I currently only use it to sync
> things from the computer to the phone (i.e. I just use it to have
> my .org files with me all the time, for consulting) - the other way
> around I find clumsy, because I have to remember, when on the computer,
> to open a specific file and refile entries.

Check your settings and verify that "Advanced capture" is enabled. (In the 
most recent mobileorg version, this is under Settings > Synchronization.) This 
shows you to add new nodes underneath existing nodes, so that org-mobile-pull 
will put them under the right heading in emacs.

If the existing heading has no sub-headings, the way to add a new heading 
under it is to tap+hold on the heading. Then you'll see options to view, edit 
and add -- (+).

> I just realized that from MobileOrg you can add only TODO entries, you
> can't put an active date on it (and thus it won't show in the android
> calendar). So that really doesn't work the way I'd like.

Not true -- the menu key (in android 4, the three dots at top right) reveals 
"Add tag," "Add scheduled," "Add deadline" and "Add timestamp." One quirk is 
that these options aren't available if you're editing the "payload" (free text 
belonging to the heading). This makes sense because properties like dates are 
part of the payload too.

Unfortunately, new dated nodes in mobileorg don't appear in the calendar until 
after you sync to the computer and then resync to android. I filed a bug 
report about that. Also, calendar sync is not working on my Android 4 tablet 
after the most recent OS update from Asus. I've filed a bug report about that 
too, and asked on the mobileorg mailing list, but so far, no response. (This 
surprises me -- usually the list is pretty responsive.)

> So, is there a painless way of adding events into my org-mode calendar
> from my Android phone? By painless I mean as easy as adding something
> into Android's built-in calendar, or as close to that as possible

Mobileorg is not quite *that* painless at it, but it generally works well 
enough for my needs. Also, the latest mobileorg (0.9.13) has a dynamic agenda 
feature, where it can present agenda-like views based on new nodes in the 
phone without resyncing. I haven't figured out how to get that to make a "this 
week at a glance" view, though.



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