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[O] org mode R remote code evaluation

From: Johannes Rainer
Subject: [O] org mode R remote code evaluation
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2013 08:31:15 +0200

dear all,

I have some computation intense R-code that I want to run remotely on my server, and, according to the org manual that should be possible with the ":dir" parameter. so I went on and tried the following (user/server masked):

#+BEGIN_SRC R :dir /address@hidden:

when I execute it I get the error:

Tramp: Encoding region using function `base64-encode-region'...done
Tramp: Decoding region into remote file /ssh:address@hidden:/var/folders/ny/6kbb36310wz2kww8y8ctry600000gn/T/R-46345BQs...done
byte-code: Couldn't write region to `/ssh:address@hidden:/var/folders/ny/6kbb36310wz2kww8y8ctry600000gn/T/R-46345BQs', decode using `base64 -d -i >%s' failed

apparently, this temp folder does not exist on the linux server, it is actually the temp folder from my local machine.

I get the same error when I try to execute remote shell code, so it's not R related.

I also tried to start a ssh session using "M-x ssh" and used the source block

#+BEGIN_SRC R :exports both :session *ssh xxx*

on the server it executes the command but it can not write the results:

> xxx
> Warning message:
In file.rename(tfile, transfer.file) :
  cannot rename file '/tmp/RtmpsirjGl/file51c8f6ce4ec' to '/var/folders/ny/6kbb36310wz2kww8y8ctry600000gn/T/babel-46345zSH/R-46345a4N', reason 'No such file or directory'

I am using emacs 24.3 and Org-mode version 8.0.7 (release_8.0.7-384-g6fdc23)

I would be helpful for any suggestions how I could solve this problem.

thanks in advance

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