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Re: [O] Some orgtbl doc issues

From: Rustom Mody
Subject: Re: [O] Some orgtbl doc issues
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2013 11:31:28 +0530

Running just now... will answer in detail later
Just want to say for now that this was prompted by a discussion on python list in which a half-dozen people expressed a wish for something like this.
Nobody seemed to know/mention org and since I could not work out all the details, Ive not so far answered

On Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 10:16 PM, Carsten Dominik <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi Rustom,

thanks for this.

On 16.8.2013, at 16:30, Rustom Mody <address@hidden> wrote:

> Ive recently been poking around in orgtbl mode and encountered some
> issues.  Not sure how much is my own lack of understanding and how
> much there are some little doc issues.
> 1 Option names dont match
> =========================
>  - Its orgtbl-radio-table-templates in emacs
>  - Its orgtbl-radio-tables in doc Appendix A.6.2

Fixed, thanks.

> 2 Receiving string
> ==================
>  - Seems to be "RECEIVE ORGTBL"

It is BEGIN RECEIVE ORGTBL followed by a table name.  As the example in the manual shows.  Does this have to be more explicit?

>  - String seems to be hardwired. Which may be ok if its by design.

Yes, hardwired by design.

>  - Not clear what is the relation of this string and
>    orgtbl-radio-templates

The templates insert a BEGIN RECEIVE/END RECEIVE table template with
*proper commenting* around it in different programming modes.
I improved this in the docs.

>  - I find 1 space is fixed between RECEIVE and ORGTBL. Multiple
> allowed between ORGTBL and table-name

OK, I have removed this restriction.

>  - Its not clear from the doc whether its "RECEIVE ORGTBL" or

That depends on the programming mode.  The documentation says that the lines must be comments in the current mode, I would think that this is clear enough.

>  - Subtle interaction between # in org and host mode comment char -- #
>    in python, shell etc -- could do with some elaboration

Can you propose something for the documentation?

> 3 hook system
> =============
>  - What are the hooks for orgtbl?
>  - How do the org hooks relate to the orgtbl hooks?
>  - Note: orgtbl is for those who are not otherwise using orgmode

What to you mean?  Mode hooks, or hooks for specific functionality of the table?  If table commands run hooks, the corresponding trgtbl commands will do so as well, because they simply call the table functions in an environment where the proper keys bindings are not accessible.

orgtbl-mode is a standard minor mode and has `orgtbl-mode-hook', similar to all other minor modes.  See the documentation of define-minor-mode.  Do you feel the manual should say so?  It does not document many other hooks in org either, because there are too many.

> 4 Long header line
> ==================
>  I could not figure out how to split a long
>  :#+ORGTBL: SEND...  line

It cannot be split.


- Carsten

> Regards
> Rusi


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