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[O] [bug] orgtbl-mode conflicts with ecomplete (a address completion of

From: Gregor Zattler
Subject: [O] [bug] orgtbl-mode conflicts with ecomplete (a address completion of mesaage mode)
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2013 00:42:06 +0200
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Dear org-mode Developers,

i followed the advice in the org-mode manual to use orgtbl-mode
in message-mode buffers (see: (info "(org)Orgtbl mode") or
[[info:org#Orgtbl%20mode][info:org#Orgtbl mode]] ), this is nice.

Since today i also want to use "ecompletion" for addresses in
email headers in message-mode as described in 
(info "(message)Mail Aliases") or
[[info:message#Mail%20Aliases][info:message#Mail Aliases]].

Sadly orgtbl-mode somehow disables ecomplete.  Without
orgtbl-mode if one types a part of an email address in an address
header line ecomplete shows list of possible addresses which is
shrinking while one types.  This does not happen if orgtbl-mode
is enabled.

How to reproduce:

1) save the attached file to ~/.ecompleterc

   be sure not to overwrite your own ~/.ecompleterc!

2) do

   emacs -q -nw --eval "(setq message-mail-alias-type 'ecomplete)" --eval 

   cursor is in the To: -address header.  

2a) type "e" 

    minibuffer shows three matching addresses.  These are narrowed
    down while you type "c" "h" "o".  You might chosse one of the
    matching addresses with M-n RET.

2b) kill Emacs.

3) do instead:

   emacs -q -nw --eval "(setq message-mail-alias-type 'ecomplete)" --eval 
"(add-hook 'message-mode-hook 'turn-on-orgtbl)" --eval '(message-mail)'

   cursor is in the To: -address header.  

3a) type "e" 

    minimuffer shows nothing...

3b) kill Emacs.

It would be great if this conflict could be fixed.  Otherwise the
conflict could be documented in the Conflicts section of Org-mode
(info "(org)Conflicts") or [[info:org#Conflicts]] like this:

--- org.texi    2013-09-01 00:41:15.125828086 +0200
+++ org.texi-Orgtbl-ecomplete-conflict-documented       2013-09-01 
00:40:56.101430317 +0200
@@ -16414,6 +16414,18 @@
 to have other replacement keys, look at the variable
address@hidden @file{ecomplete.el} by Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen 
address@hidden @file{ecomplete.el}
+Ecomplete provides ``electric'' address completion in address header
+lines in message buffers.  Sadly Orgtbl mode cuts ecompletes power
+supply: No completion happens when Orgtbl mode is enabled in message
+buffers while entering text in address header lines.  If one wants to
+use ecomplete one should @emph{not} follow the advice to automagically
+turn on Orgtbl mode in message buffers (see @ref{Orgtbl mode}), but
+instead---after filling in the message headers---turn on Orgtbl mode
+manually when needed in the messages body.
 @item @file{filladapt.el} by Kyle Jones
 @cindex @file{filladapt.el}

Thanks for your attention, Gregor

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