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Re: [O] AUCTeX key bindings within Org documents

From: Joseph Vidal-Rosset
Subject: Re: [O] AUCTeX key bindings within Org documents
Date: Sat, 05 Oct 2013 08:10:28 +0200
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Hello Fabrice, Hi everybody,

Thanks a lot Fabrice for your  package to get AUCTeX key binginds within
Org documents. 

Maybe I  do not  use it correctly  by I  want to point  out to  you some
unwanted results: 

\neg A , A \vdash B

exported in LaTeX is translated in .tex file:

$\neg{}$ A , A \vdash B

and of course it does not work. 

My question is therefore more  general: how writing scienfific papers in
org-mode documents  i.e. how writing useful  environments like equation,
bussproofs,   fitch,   etc.   every  useful   package   for   logicians,
mathematicians, etc.  ? 

In advance, thanks for your help. 


Joseph Vidal-Rosset
Archives Poincaré 
91, Bd. Libération
BP 454 
F-54001 NANCY Cedex

Site web: http://www.philfree.org
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