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Re: [O] AUCTeX key bindings within Org documents

From: Fabrice Niessen
Subject: Re: [O] AUCTeX key bindings within Org documents
Date: Sat, 05 Oct 2013 09:58:35 +0200
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Hi Joseph,

Joseph Vidal-Rosset wrote:
> Thanks a lot Fabrice for your  package to get AUCTeX key binginds within
> Org documents. 

You're welcome. Still a work in progress -- have to address the points of
Nicolas, Suvayu and Marcin, among others.

> Maybe I  do not  use it correctly  by I  want to point  out to  you some
> unwanted results: 
> #+begin_equation
>  \label{ECQ}
> \neg A , A \vdash B
> \tag{ECQ}
> #+end_equation
> exported in LaTeX is translated in .tex file:
> \begin{equation}
> \label{ECQ}
> $\neg{}$ A , A \vdash B
> \tag{ECQ}
> \end{equation} 
> and of course it does not work. 
> My question is therefore more  general: how writing scienfific papers in
> org-mode documents  i.e. how writing useful  environments like equation,
> bussproofs,   fitch,   etc.   every  useful   package   for   logicians,
> mathematicians, etc.  ? 

I don't have experience with mathematics in Org nor in LaTeX. The problem you
point out does not seem to be related in any way to org-auctex-keys.el, though.

Could you try different variations of your code: all the "inside" code on one
line, or all lines with indentation (I see that \neg is not indented), or...
and see whether some work.

This should anyway be reported as a separate problem from the AUCTeX key

Best regards,

Fabrice Niessen
Leuven, Belgium

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