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Re: [O] [export] Beamer frames containing lstlisting are no longer made

From: Christoph LANGE
Subject: Re: [O] [export] Beamer frames containing lstlisting are no longer made fragile
Date: Sat, 05 Oct 2013 15:20:08 +0100
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Hi Nicolas,

I'm sorry I hadn't got back to this email – didn't notice it because of
a filtering mistake on my side.

2013-09-14 15:33 Nicolas Goaziou:
> Christoph LANGE <address@hidden> writes:
>> Still I think the following sentence in the documentation (section 12.5)
>> is easy to misunderstand:
>> "`fragile' option is added automatically if it contains source code that
>> uses any verbatim environment".
> What would you suggest instead?

Let me see; I'd first have to understand how this mechanism works.  I do
not think it works in the same was as the old exporter worked.  I.e. I
think the new mechanism does not automatically add [fragile] on, e.g.,
encountering the following:

#+LATEX: \begin{lstlisting}
#+LATEX: ...
#+LATEX: \end{lstlisting}

>> I think it means that when I use a proper "source block" using
>> #+BEGIN_SRC, the exporter automatically sets the [fragile] option as
>> needed.
> It isn't just about source blocks, see `org-beamer-verbatim-elements'.

OK, I had checked this variable before, but I don't understand it.  The
documentation says "List of element or object types producing verbatim
text".  I presume "elements" and "objects" refer to things in Org-mode,
from which LaTeX is only generated later in the export process.  And as
the only thing ("element" or "object"?) on the Org-mode side that
generates {lstlisting} environments is a SRC-BLOCK, there is probably no
way of teaching the exporter the pre-Org-8.0 behaviour explained above,
i.e. enabling [fragile] on encountering \begin{lstlisting}.

>> Anyway, you told me how to make my legacy {lstlisting} environments
>> work.  Is this approach, of manually setting "BEAMER_OPT: fragile" the
>> preferred way whenever you have a listing in a non-standard language,
>> where the {lstlisting} environment requires special arguments (e.g.
>> "morekeywords")?  Or is there some way of passing extra arguments into
>> the {lstlisting} environment that is created from #+BEGIN_SRC?
> At the moment, the only way to pass extra arguments to lstlisting is
> using `org-latex-listings-options'. IOW, it isn't possible to set
> specific options for a given block.
> Though, it should be fairly easy to implement an :extra attribute for
> source blocks. E.g.,
>   #+attr_latex: :extra key1=val1,key2=val2
>   #+begin_src
>   ...
>   #+end_src

Such a feature would of course be nice to have.  But it doesn't have the
highest priority for me, as I managed to reuse my existing

#+LATEX: \begin{lstlisting}

code, and as I'm not currently planning to export these Org files to
anything else but LaTeX-Beamer.



Christoph Lange, School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham
http://cs.bham.ac.uk/~langec/, Skype duke4701

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  Experts to use Formalised Reasoning”; submission until 31 October.

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