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Re: [O] RLT (hebrew) tables and org-odt-export-to-odt problems

From: Jambunathan K
Subject: Re: [O] RLT (hebrew) tables and org-odt-export-to-odt problems
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2013 02:11:05 +0530
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In LibreOffice, 

    Right click on the table->Table->Text Direction->Right-to-Left.

Now, does what you see seem right to you?

As a side-note, the OrgOdtStyles.xml using a LibreOffice that uses en-GB
(IN).  So, there could be "issues" when it is used with "other"

You will be better of creating a .ott file that uses language and
country of your choice.

See Tools->Options->Language Settings->Languages->Default Languages for

I have seen recommendations of using CTL->Hebrew.


As an experiment, look at your *Messages* buffer and see where the
exporter is loading OrgOdtStyles.xml from.  In the same directory, there
would be a OrgOdtContentTemplate.xml.  Look for the "OrgTable" style

    <style:style style:name="OrgTable" style:family="table">
      <style:table-properties style:rel-width="96%" fo:margin-top="0cm" 
fo:margin-bottom="0.20cm" table:align="center"/>

Add a style:writing-mode="rl-tb" to the table-properties. i.e., do this

    <style:style style:name="OrgTable" style:family="table">
      <style:table-properties style:rel-width="96%" fo:margin-top="0cm"
      fo:margin-bottom="0.20cm" table:align="center" 

Now re-export.  See whether things are OK.

Rememeber, the style "OrgTable" (which is an automatic style because it
comes from content.xml and not styles.xml) gets applied to ALL your


As a developer note, the ox-odt.el already can create automatic-style
for tables.  If a table has a rel-width attr_odt line, it would use an
automatic style.  So it is just a matter of few 15 minutes for one to
add support for how a table is rendered.


Since we have an exporter framework in place, the question I would
probably ask is what does LaTeX do.  Meaning, is there a need to mark a
table as rtl when being exported to LaTeX.  If yes, what would be the
specific attribute that the maintainer of ox.el recommend.


I will queue up a fix for this in my private repo:


I WILL merge my fixes and improvements once Emacs has the current
release cycle for Emacs is over.  If you try out the suggestions above
and give me feedback, I will factor in input in to my fix.


Uwe Brauer <address@hidden> writes:

> Hello 
> Please consider the following example of a hebrew text, which is written
> in logical form. 
>   פרויקט   לשמור  מגדל   פיזה  שעלה  20  מיליון   אירו  השלים      לאחרונה. 
> When exported to odt, the first sentence is displayed correctly.
> However when I try to put it in a table as the following lines
> indicates.
> Then this table is displayed L2R.
> | פרויקט| לשמור| מגדל| פיזה| שעלה| 20| מיליון | אירו| השלים |
> לאחרונה.|
> I attach the odt file.
> This seems a sort of bug?
> Uwe Brauer 

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