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[O] Very large svg file output from latex block using =#+header: :imagem

From: John Hendy
Subject: [O] Very large svg file output from latex block using =#+header: :imagemagick=
Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2013 16:31:02 -0500

I'm trying to following along with the example here:
- http://orgmode.org/worg/org-contrib/babel/languages/ob-doc-LaTeX.html#sec-4-3

I don't need dual export, so I tried this instead for straight html
compatible output:

#+header: :file tree.svg
#+header: :imagemagick
#+begin_src latex
    \node [circle, draw, fill=red!20] at (0,0) {1}
    child { node [circle, draw, fill=blue!30] {2}
      child { node [circle, draw, fill=green!30] {3} }
      child { node [circle, draw, fill=yellow!30] {4} }};

Should this work? I get this error:

org-babel-execute:latex: Can not create svg files, please specify a
.png or .pdf file or try the :imagemagick header argument

In perusing another thread, it looks like the argument might be
=:imagemagic yes=?
- http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/emacs-orgmode/2011-02/msg01302.html

When I do that and run the above, I get a 30.9mb file as the .svg
output. Surely I'm doing something incorrectly?

Just pulled this morning before executing:

Org-mode version 8.2.1 (release_8.2.1-163-ge7397d @

Thanks for any suggestions!

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