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Re: [O] freemind export?

From: Christof Spitz
Subject: Re: [O] freemind export?
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2013 07:14:12 +0100

Hello Jambunathan, 

thanks for your quick reply. 

> I am desperately looking for a documentation.

M-x find-library RET ox-freemind RET

Just look at English strings there.  That should give you a pretty good
idea of what you can do.

Yes, I looked at the file for hours to try to figure out how it works. I am probably too stupid, sorry (not joking here).

The beginning of the file says: 

>> See ox.el for more details on how this exporter works. <<

I did look, but didn't find any information there.

You can also search for the string - left or right - and you know that
the exporter already has some trick up it's sleeve.

I searched, but didn't understand the "trick".  

> I want to position nodes on the left, for example, but I don't know
> how to pass optional parameters to the converter.

Unless you give an example, it is difficult for me to understand what
you want to achieve.  How does your Org file look like and what node you
want to position left.

Like this:

#+AUTHOR: Christof

* Headline 1

** Sub 1.1
** Sub 1.2

* Headline 2

** Sub 2.1
** Sub 2.2

Branch "Headline 2" should be place to the left of the central SUBJECT in Freemind.

I also don't understand how to access the other styles 0-5 that a predefined. 

Thanks again 


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