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Re: [O] Most Recent Org Update

From: Vladimir Lomov
Subject: Re: [O] Most Recent Org Update
Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2013 11:51:53 +0900
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** Achim Gratz [2013-11-04 20:59:58 +0100]:

> Sam Flint writes:
> > I pulled org from git just now, restarted Emacs, and got this error:
> > Symbol's function definition is void: org-element-chache reset
> > Any ideas why?

> You probably meant to type org-element-cache-reset... my guess is you
> didn't actually re-load Org after the Git pull.

No, that call was introduced in commit
by Nicolas Goaziou.

I faced with the same problem; I started a fresh session of Emacs with
Org-mode from git but Emacs stuck showing me that message (Symbol's
function ...).

I don't know Emacs Lisp very well but according to the commit now
'org-footnote-section' must call 'org-element-cache-reset' at
initialization time (:set line in defcustom of 'org-footnote-section')
and exactly that causes a problem.

The workaround I found is to set 'org-section-footnote' to nil _before_
(require 'org) in .emacs.

> Regards,
> Achim.

WBR, Vladimir Lomov

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in it here and there. Any given spoonful will likely have an IQ of 1, but
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