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Re: [O] [PATCH] hide inline-tasks in 'children visibility state

From: Nicolas Goaziou
Subject: Re: [O] [PATCH] hide inline-tasks in 'children visibility state
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2013 22:29:35 +0100


Jonas Hörsch <address@hidden> writes:

> On Thu, Oct 31 2013, Nicolas Goaziou wrote:
>> I suggest to use `case' here, but it's really a matter of style.
> fine with me. i wasn't sure about the usage convention for cl. i
> switched to the namespaced cl-case variant, for now.

It's better to use `case' as long as we support Emacs 23.

>> I think it is more efficient to directly look for inlinetasks since you
>> can use `org-inlinetask-outline-regexp'.
> hmm ... i'm not so sure. as you can see in the attached patch, now i
> have to perform an extra search on each headline to find the boundary
> for the inline task search. it feels to me like this would be faster for
> a situation with more than one inline task per headline in the mean?
> (which i don't think is the likely situation).
> well, what do you think?

You're right. Your first implementation is better in that regard. Could
you update that part so I can eventually apply it?

Thank you.


Nicolas Goaziou

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