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Re: [O] capture template property :kill-buffer does not let me refile

From: Bastien
Subject: Re: [O] capture template property :kill-buffer does not let me refile
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2013 14:42:25 +0100
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Hi Rodrigo,

Rodrigo Amestica <address@hidden> writes:

> based on 'printf' type logging I have found one solution that looks to me 
> like a
> bug fix in org-capture-refile. But I'm obviously far from guessing any side
> effect that I could be missing.
> In org-capture-refile if I move org-capture-finalize after the
> save-window-excursion form then the :kill-buffer option works as expected
> without interfering with the refile operation.
> I meant to say a bug fix because to me it sounds more reasonable to call
> org-capture-finalize really when finished, in this specific case after refile.
> Does that make sense?

Yes it does -- I attach a patch, can you confirm it is what you did
and it does what you want?

Also, I'd be glad if a few others could test the patch so that we can
make more sure there are no side-effects -- I could not think of any.


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