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Re: [O] org mode and eev

From: Eduardo Ochs
Subject: Re: [O] org mode and eev
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2013 09:36:15 -0200

On Fri, Nov 8, 2013 at 6:29 AM, Alan Schmitt <address@hidden> wrote:
Hi Eduardo,

address@hidden writes:

> I am the author of eev...

Nice! I knew I had seen you around here ;-)

> How can I help?

Your message already answered one question I had, but I have still one

> I still know far less about org-mode than I would like to - maybe
> because I have been using Emacs in a very idiosyncratic way for ages
> 8-\ - but it seems trivial to create code blocks that can be executed
> by both org and eev. Here is a example - just replace each "*"
> below with a real char 15.

This was my first question: '*' are not '*' so they won't interfere with
org-mode. This is great. (Quick question: how do I enter such a char 15

> ;; 3. Now the "char 15"s will be displayed as red star glyphs, and the
> ;; code block above can be executed both with org's `C-c C-c' and with
> ;; eev's <f8>. Try to type <f8> on each line below, starting on the
> ;; first one with the "(eepitch-shell)":
> * (eepitch-shell)
> * (eepitch-kill)
> * (eepitch-shell)
> #+begin_src sh
> rm -Rv /tmp/eev/
> mkdir  /tmp/eev/
> cd     /tmp/eev/
> wget http://angg.twu.net/eev-current/eev2.tgz
> tar -xvzf eev2.tgz
> #+end_src

This works great because '#' is a comment prefix for shell, so the
begin_src lines won't be processed. I want to use eev with other
toplevels, and so I cannot rely on this. Is it possible to tweak eepitch
so that lines starting with #+begin_src and #+end_src are not sent at



About the char 15s / red stars: I spent many years inserting them
all "by hand" with C-q C-o... Now there is an easier way to create
what I call "eepitch blocks", which are the things like these:

* (eepitch-foobar)
* (eepitch-kill)
* (eepitch-foobar)

The "easier way" is to create an eepitch block for "foobar" as above
is to type "foobar" in a line and then type M-T (meta-shift-t).

Note that all these things are explained here,


and that we should definitely create a sandboxed tutorial like that
for using eev with Org... I'm saying "we" just because I'll need
help with (at least) some details!

About ignoring the "#+" lines: this can be done by changing
eepitch-comment-regexp, but there a default way that already
works, which is to skip the "#+" lines with <down> instead of
typing <f8> on them...


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