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[O] documentation request for timestamps

From: Samuel Wales
Subject: [O] documentation request for timestamps
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2013 13:47:14 -0700

I do not know how these are intended to behave and tests are showing
inconsistent results.

It might help if these explained whether timestamp, ts, and tsia up
and down refer to untagged timestamps only, or all timestamps
including deadline, scheduled, and closed.

It might also help to explain which are the missing ones, such as
closed up and down, any active regardless of whether tagged up and
down, etc.  Are those intended to be implemented or must they be done
in user code?

It might also help to explain what happens to repeaters.  I am getting
extremely strange results.  Most recently, an untagged active
timestamp showed up with scheduled above and below, as if it had been

Here is the existing documentation:

timestamp-up       Sort by any timestamp, early first
timestamp-down     Sort by any timestamp, late first
scheduled-up       Sort by scheduled timestamp, early first
scheduled-down     Sort by scheduled timestamp, late first
deadline-up        Sort by deadline timestamp, early first
deadline-down      Sort by deadline timestamp, late first
ts-up              Sort by active timestamp, early first
ts-down            Sort by active timestamp, late first
tsia-up            Sort by inactive timestamp, early first
tsia-down          Sort by inactive timestamp, late first

I ask because I am trying to get this result for today:

         ;; i want this after time-up:
         ;;   untagged inactive down
         ;;   closed down
         ;;   untagged active down
         ;;     including repeater if repeats today
         ;;   deadline down
         ;;     including repeater if repeats today
         ;;   scheduled down
         ;;     including repeater if repeats today
         ;; all repeater types (.+ ++ +) should be extrapolated
         ;; to today and show if they repeat today.  However, they should
         ;; not show tomorrow if they also repeat tomorrow.
         ;; the extrapolated most recent repeater value should be
         ;; used in scheduled and deadline sorting.



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