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[O] Help using ECB with Org!

From: Matt Price
Subject: [O] Help using ECB with Org!
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2013 15:04:20 -0500


Does anyone out there use ECB with org-mode buffers?  On Thorsten's
suggestion, I am trying out ECB (I had thought about this earlier but
gave up when ecb wouldn't load -- turned out I had dead symlinks from
2009 in /usr/share/emacs/lisp/cedet/ !) with org-mode buffers.

ECB is clearly very powerful and I can see it wil lbe very useful to
me, but I'm not yet sure that it is the solution I am looking for with
my org-writers-room.  ECB defines a series of "tree-buffer" windows,
by default on the left-hand sid. I want to customize theleft-hand
display so it shows only

(1) a guide window -- this will show all the org-mode headings in the
main org buffer.  This is provided by default in the "methods" window
(which could use some improved fontifiation but is otherwise gerat)

(2) a narrowed main window that shows only the subtree one is working on

(3) a "metadata" window whih shows only the PROPERTIES drawer of the
urrent subtree.  This should be an indirect buffer narrowed to the
inside of hte PROPERTIES drawer and probably with some special
feature, like making the property names read-only, giving some
keybindings to move to previous and next properties,  &  possibly
doing some fancier stuff with fontification.

ECB works great for 1, but I am running into problems with 2 and 3.

(2) -- narrowing.  By default ecb allows the user to right-click on a
heading in the "Methods"  window and choose "jump to tag and narrow".
However, when I choose this (using either an org buffer or a lisp
buffer) the buffer doesn't actually narrow.  Has anyone else noticed
this issue?

(3) metadata.  To make this work I will have to write my own ecb
window functions (essentially, I will want the new netadata window to
display the narrowed indirect buffer mentioned above).  The ECB
documentqtion is OK but it doesn't really say how to make this work.
Has anyone tried it, or can anyone point me to some good example

Thank you!


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